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Talks & Masterclasses

AnnaOtta is our constant motor of growth and we are always exited to share our findings.

The obsessions that tie us together are improvisation, creativity and the use of technology.

Our lectures are often mixed with a musical live performance.


Get in contact for more information or get inspired by our work:


AnnaOtta @ Mobile Week Alcalá de Henares 2021


Under the subject of music and technology we showed our methods of live sampling to build up beats and textures and how we create instruments out of vocal samples both in software and hardware.

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AnnaOtta @ FEX Festival Gran Canarias 2021


We were invited, among artists from other disciplines, to talk about creativity and experimentation.


How to exercise inspiration, how to develop musical structures and how to find meaning or a story when improvising. AnnaOtta was born because we asked ourselves those questions and we will never stop looking for new ways to answer them.


In the masterclasses we share our methods to create personal sets of rules and practicing games for solo and group improvisation. They are aimed to find character and meaning, so they can be adapted to different musical genres or esthetics. They are very useful tools to apply when composing and building up original music projects.

In our music the quality and narrative of sound has a big impact, both acoustic and electronic. Therefore we explore timbre, resonance, dynamics and analog effects of the instruments to understand how to translate those qualities into the world of electronic effects and sound processing.

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