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Experimental Pit

We love to create beats and textures from live sampling and to process our melodies with crazy delays, vocoders and harmonizers. Modulators, filters and autotunes are also some of our best friends!

AnnaOtta's music is completly improvised. Each album is born during a live session guided by conceptual maps
 inspired by a theme.




AO10_(c) DunaValles.jpg




“The story begins with a person who has no gender, it's simply a person. And as the story continues, it tells us that this person without gender observes everything that happens seated on a park bench. ...

Sorry I didn't introduce myself before, I'm the narrator. And this one here is my persona, although now that you are here too I would rather say that it is our persona."


This show combines songs from AnnaOtta's albums „What If" and „This wasn't real”, both based on the tales of "persona", written by Irene Novoa.


PERSONA speaks of the abstract core in everyone's character, a search for identity that questions the binary gender structures, heteronormative sexuality and the conflict of getting in contact with our own insanity.


PERSONA calls the listener into an abstract vocal world that explores the core questions of our identity using acoustic and digital vocal sounds. 

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