AnnaOtta is a European musical duo of electronic, improvised music formed in 2018 by singers Irene Novoa (ESP) and Jenny Thiele (DE). 

The music is composed exclusively of their voices which they manipulate electronically. Novoa and Thiele work with loops, live sampling and effects, mixed with sample based synths built up from their voices and songs.
This vocal alchemy gives AnnaOtta's soundscapes and harmonies a distinctive and memorable sound.

They seek to challenge gender stereotypes and to contribute to a different vision of beauty and femininity by promoting errors and using technology to produce extreme and risky sounds.

AnnaOtta creates music on the edge, improvising the songs and lyrics by following their own graphic scores of non-traditional music notation. They also play with free association of words, inventing languages, which in combination with their succulent sound textures and polyrhythms results in a delicate and impulsive music.

To the audience AnnaOtta transmits the excitement and tension of the surprises and risks to which the two musicians expose themselves while playing. 

"Control is an illusion. Embrace serendipity and treasure the mistakes for they will save us from a boring existence”