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„Control is an illusion. Embrace serendipity and treasure the mistakes for they will save us from a boring existence”


AnnaOtta is a European musical duo of electronic, improvised music formed in 2018 by singers Irene Novoa (ES) and Jenny Thiele (DE). 

The music is composed exclusively of their voices which they manipulate electronically. Novoa and Thiele work with loops, live sampling and effects mixed with instruments built up from samples of their voices. This vocal alchemy gives AnnaOtta's soundscapes and harmonies a distintive and memorable sound.

AnnaOtta creates music on the edge, improvising the songs and lyrics by following their own graphic scores of non-traditional music notation. They also play with free association of words inventing languanges which in combination with succulent sound textures and polyrhythms results in a delicate and impulsive music.

The duo is in search of the uncommon beauty, treasuring the mistakes and using the technology to produce a more organic electronic sound. To the audience AnnaOtta transmits the excitement and tension of the surprises and risks to which the two musicians expose themselves while playing. 


"The story begins with a person who has no gender, it's simply a person. And as the story continues, it tells us that this person without gender observes everything that happens seated on a park bench. ...

Sorry I didn't introduce myself before, I'm the narrator. And this one here is my persona, although now that you are here too I would rather say that it is our persona."


AnnaOtta’s first release „What if“ is based on philosophical talks about persona, an abstract core in everybody’s character. It is the soundtrack of modern emancipated women in which risk, curiosity and self-determination stand in the center. 

The two singers put content over form and allow the improvised tracks to be imperfect, odd in form and cross-border in musical styles. „What if“ is an electronic yet very organic EP since all sounds originate from Jenny Thiele’s and Irene Novoa’s voices.  

The songs were recorded on two tracks and in one take, in an improvised session in Madrid, October 2018. They were afterwards edited, produced and mixed by Jenny Thiele and Irene Novoa.

Published in collaboration with the exprimental/noise label Econore on the 18th of December 2020, available in all digital platforms and cassette. 



AnnaOtta has created pieces of music for dance, both live and for audiovisual productions, as it is an important part of their work to collaborate with artists from different disciplines. 

Since January 2019, AnnaOtta weekly publishes self-edited videos on Instagram. They explore the limits of the beautiful and the abstract, making atypical use of the editing effects of a mobile app with which they break, deform and multiply the image or compose stop motion videos to accompany the music.

The concept of improvised music guided by graphic maps allows AnnaOtta to play with artists all over the world without meeting beforehand. By doing a preliminary research work, they write and draw conceptual maps that serve as a score and guideance. In this manner a piece of music can be created in hours, days or months, as required by the production, and mixed with artists from other disciplines.

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Who are we?

Irene Novoa (*1986, Madrid) is a singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist from Madrid, Spain.

She records and performs vocals, percussion, synths, keyboards and electric bass for other artist as well as in her own produtions. Currently she accompanies the Spanish Indie singer Christina Rosenvinge on keyboards/synths. She also composes and records music for radio, podcasts and audiovisual media.

Jenny Thiele (*1987, Dresden) is a singer, musician and performer from Cologne, Germany.

She’s a freelancing artist who plays her own original music, composing and performing for dance theatre productions or currently accompanying German Indie band „Fortuna Ehrenfeld“ on keyboards/synths. Her musical focus lies on experimental and alternative Pop music and is often related to as an expressive, theatrical style.